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Japanese Words Pet Friends Women socks

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Start each day on a happy foot with our adorable women socks. Our premium socks now feature your favourite animals. Choose from a variety of cute, quirky animal characters and let them print in lovely vibrant colours. Whether you like rabbit, panda, or shiba, we’ve got you covered.

* Choose from 3 adorable designs (Rabbit, Panda, Shiba).
* Short socks to keep your toes warm all day.
* Sizes 4 - 7 (23cm to 25cm long). One size fits most.
* Authentically made in Korea.

These fuzzy Korean socks are cute, warm, and bright enough to match any outfit. When you’re feeling chilly, snuggle up with these adorable and fun socks.

If you’re still looking for the best gift for her, look no further than these adorable animal socks. A pair of cute socks is the ideal way to start the day. They’re comfortable, soft, and come in a rainbow of colours!

* Combed cotton 75%
* Spandex 18%
* Polyester 7%