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Cute Peeking Animal Women Socks

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Make your feet all smiles with our premium socks. Crafted to perfection, they feature adorably designed animals printed with rich colours to bring an extra dose of happiness to your day. ​​Choose from a rabbit, a shiba, a penguin or a cat in various vibrant shades.

* Choose from 4 adorable designs (Rabbit, Shiba, Penguin, Cat) or bundle.
* Long socks to keep your toes warm all day.
* Sizes 4 - 7 (23cm to 25cm long). One size fits most.
* Authentically made in Korea.

Soft, warm Korean socks are an adorable addition to any outfit. Their comfy material and texture make them perfect for cold days when you need a little extra warmth for your feet.

Who doesn’t love a little cute company when getting ready in the morning? These women socks are the perfect gift for anyone who loves animals, adorable things, or just wants to have a little fun with their attire.

* Combed cotton 75%
* Spandex 18%
* Polyester 7%